Featured in Allure Magazine for " Best Hair Removal "

Established in 1997  Laser Hair Removal Miami is well known for its expertise. We  provide expert care at reasonable prices. We offer great packages as well as the flexibility to pay per treatment. Per treatment prices start at as little as $100 for smaller areas and we also offer free touch ups. Unlike anyone else in the industry we have a proven track record and the best in Authentic Class IV Laser Systems.
The Medlite IV is a favorite among clients. This laser is the safest of all lasers on the market. It is extremely gentle and painless and can be used on ALL skin types.

The Coolglide Laser by Cutera is "THE Laser" . Simply put nothing else comes close. This is an extremely powerful laser. Although it is somewhat more painful than the Medlite IV, the Coolglide still remains safe for ALL skin types. It has a proven history and leads the industry in quick and efficient results with minor to no skin reaction.

So imagine never having to tweeze, shave, wax, or endure long hours of electrolysis again! No more ingrown hairs or rashes from waxing and shaving! Men and Women alike can now make unwanted facial or body hair a thing of the past. Usually in less than an hour most body areas can be smooth and hairless.

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